Sitting on Pins and Needles Rocking Chair

This project involved the process of reupholstering an old chair with a screen printed design that compliments the chair’s nature.


I found this century year old sewing rocking chair at an antique shop in Savannah, GA. I was immediately drawn to how great the condition of the chair was. I learned that this chair is over 100 years old, and was originally used by women while they sewed on their Singer sewing machines. The  chair has no arms to make it easer to move around in while working.


My mother inherited her grandmother’s old sewing machine from the 1920’s, and I thought that this chair would go perfect with it. She still has the original cover for the Singer sewing machine as well, which is where I got my color inspiration from.


I chose to keep the chair’s original purpose and function and play on the concept of sewing. The background is layered with opaque and transparent imagery of sewing needles. Newspaper was used as a resist in certain areas to create textured stripes that mimic the horizontal stripes on the back of the chair. The overprinted colors mix in a way to match the color of the dark wood in the chair. The second screen was exposed with real threads which was the final print in the design.






chair_IMG_3319 copy







One thought on “Sitting on Pins and Needles Rocking Chair

  1. Oh, now I see “the chair!” Great job….how nostalgic in so many ways. Very clever pun….”sitting on pins and needles.” I just love what you did and are capable of doing. Love, Gramma

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